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100 Pretty Purses for Female Veterans


100 Pretty Purses for Female Veterans is a 501 (c)(3) service organization that provides respect, dignity and love to female service members both  past and present .  We honor female veterans  with events that are geared specifically for them.

Our Annual event around the Christmas season provides gifts of literally 1000's of purses filled with much needed items that a female needs, gifts and gift cards, along with dinner and entertainment.  

We strive to bring back the dignity, respect and care for our female comrades and battle buddies. We strive to bring joy in every event that we host and or sponsor serving female veterans.

What we do for female veterans?

Annual events

It is amazing to see in person all of the female veterans we serve on a yearly basis!  1000's of female veterans have attended our yearly event - 2015 to 2022!

6th Annual 

At our 6th Annual 100 Pretty Purses for Female Event we gave away 1500 purses filled with toiletries, gifts and gift cards!

1st Annual - 2021

At our 1st Annual Veteran Back to School Book Bag give away event.  We gave away 250 book bags filled with school supplies!

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100 Pretty Purses for Female Veterans
21201 S. Elsner Rd.,  #133

Frankfort, IL 60448

Email us:  info@100prettypursesforfemaleveterans.org