Founding Members

Founding Members

Yvette, Lisa and Jeannetta have a few things in common.  One is obvious, they all served in the military.  The most non- revealing commonalities they share are being homeless, in DV situations, MST, jobless, and just needed someone to care.  

We have all experienced hardships and that is why it's easy to give back so much to those female veterans who have experienced hard times in their lives.  The founding members have dedicated their lives to uplifting female veterans and sharing beacons of hope of better futures.

"Thank you ladies for helping out all these years.  Your service did not go unnoticed."  Yvette 

Even though Lisa and Jeanetta are no longer Officers they are still vital vessels to the organization.

  • Yvette Jones - Swanson, M.A - Creator, Founder, President US Army
  • Lisa Artis, M.A - Founding Member US Army
  • Jeannetta Johnson,  Founding Members US Army