Mother and child
Mother and child

Our Founder & CEO Yvette Jones - Swanson, M.A. has housed over 5000 homeless veterans in her 20 years of continued service as a Military Relocation Professional and Realtor of 26 years.

Quite naturally she still receives calls from agencies, the VA regarding shelter or transitional housing for homeless female veterans and the LGBTQ veteran communities.  Yvette has worked feverishly to help them as quickly as possible. 

100 Pretty Purses for Female Veterans NFP has raised money for emergency housing on a case by case basis, provided funding is accessible so the emergencies can be handled.

As Founder & CEO Yvette Jones - Swanson takes Domestic Violence and homelessness serious natures and is working tirelessly for these women and their children.

Thank you kindly for your support.